About Us

A Brief History:

Emmaus Academy of Biblical Studies (EABS) is a new academic initiative of the Emmaus India ministries launched in 2018. Currently, we have 350 students enrolled with us from 20 states of India and 4 other countries.

The beginning of Emmaus Bible courses in India dates back to 1952. It was introduced by Brethren missionaries in various parts of the nation. After the missionaries left India, the work of Emmaus was carried out by the indigenous missionaries of the Brethren assembly movement. The Lord has blessed the efforts of many sincere men and women during the last few decades in taking the Word to the nook and corner of the nation through Emmaus courses. Emmaus India ministries is part of the global Emmaus Worldwide movement.

Emmaus India is a registered body with its office in Bangalore, co-ordinating the national work. Currently, Emmaus Bible courses are available in 15 Indian languages and the work is rapidly progressing in almost every state. Each year an average of one hundred thousand courses are distributed through various centres across India.