Equipper Series (1 year)

Equipper Series – 1 year – 12 courses*

Equipper Series offers subjects that are helpful for anyone who is involved in ministry and missions. The main objective of this series is to equip the students to use their God given gifts in an effective manner. 

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Course Titles 

Introduction to Church & its Ordinances

Dispensationalism & Eschatology

Biblical Eldership & Leadership

Selected Missionary Biography

Introduction to Apologetics

Hermeneuitics – Bible Interpretation

The Art of Preaching

Understanding Major World Religions

Introduction to Major Christian cults and False Teachings

Basics of Christian Counseling

History of Christianity (Indian & Global)

Frontier Missions – Reaching the Unreached

Course Design

Each course is designed in such a way to be covered in one month’s time. 

– At the start of each month, you will receive from us the course material (Emmaus book and its exam booklet) in printed form by registered post.   

– Each Emmaus course book consists of 10 to 12 chapters and the approximate number of pages per book is about 80. Click here to view a sample Emmaus Textbook

– Supplementary videos, audios and texts related to the course will be made available on the EABS online portal for you to access through a personalized student login. This is for additional understanding of the subject covered in a course.

– Periodical contact classes or seminars (2 to 3 in a year) will be organised in various centers across India and gulf regions. Although attendance is not mandatory, students are encouraged to benefit from these seminars. 

Course Requirements

The Total marks for each course is 100.

QUIZ (OBJECTIVE TYPE) – 75% of total marks. Each Emmaus course book comes with an exam booklet which has 10 objective type questions from each chapter of the book. 

SUMMARY PAPER (DESCRIPTIVE TYPE) – 25% of the total marks. A summary paper to be written for each course based on what you have learned through the course. It should be a reflection of what you have personally understood through the overall course. 

Submission of assignments must be done online. It is easy, time-saving and cost-effective. It could be done through a computer or even a smart phone with internet connection. 

Course Series Fee

Course Series Fee: Rs. 4,000/- per year (including text books, postage, online access & administration). The fee can be paid in two installments. Limited number of scholarships are available for needy candidates. 

Once your application is processed, we will guide you to our online fee payment options which is safe, fast and reliable. 

* Equipper Series is available only from August 2020. Meanwhile, you are encouraged to choose either Foundational series or Bible Series this year and later continue with Equipper Series in the following year.