EABS offers three series of courses. They are as follows:

Foundational Series – 12 courses 

Bible Series – 12 courses

Equipper Series – 12 courses

A clear course description and details are given about each series in the drop down menu. Please go through it. A student can choose any one of the three series in an academic year based on his/her need. 

A degree is offered on the basis of the number of course series completed by a student. 

Certificate in Biblical Studies (C.B.S) – completion of any 1 series

Diploma in Biblical Studies (D.B.S) – completion of any 2 series

Bachelors in Biblical Studies (B.B.S) – completion of all 3 series

The degree is conferred by EABS in association with Emmaus India which is part of the Global movement Emmaus International