EABS offers three series of courses. They are as follows:

Foundational Series Р12 courses 

Bible Series – 12 courses

Equipper Series – 12 courses

A clear course description and details are given about each series in the drop down menu. Please go through it. A student can choose any one of the three series in an academic year based on his/her need. 

A degree is offered on the basis of the number of course series completed by a student. The goal of EABS programs is not to offer a degree which may help the students to obtain an official standing in the society or church. The main objective is to equip and transform God’s people with a deeper understanding of God’s word in a systematic way which will enable them to fulfill God’s purposes.

Certificate in Biblical Studies (C.B.S) –¬†completion of any 1 series

Diploma in Biblical Studies (D.B.S) – completion of any 2 series

Bachelors in Biblical Studies (B.B.S) – completion of all 3 series

The degree is conferred by EABS which is the academic entity of Emmaus India

Note: The EABS degrees are not accredited by any agency or college currently. The credits obtained from EABS programs cannot be transferred to any other academic program offered by any other institution.